“The sinuous Odissi by Meghna found a dramatic contrast in the delicate gestures of Bharatanatyam by Matangi and the intricacies of the idiom was exemplified by the poignancy of the lyrics.The final freeze was an explicit imagery of the two forms, as the rhythms synergised and calibrated the movement profile to one of crisp and delicate artistry that found fulfilment for the two women in the divinity of love. Excellent music compositions on a recorded track with D.Srivatsa for Bharatanatyam and Binod Panda and Guru Dhaneswar Swain for Odissi contributed to the aesthetic exploration by the artists.

Satish Suri, Narthaki 

Ayam is a collaborative performance of Bharatnatyam and Odissi, exploring the two male principles Krishna and Shiva through the eyes of their female consorts, Parvati and Radha. The first woman imagines Shiva and his relationship with Parvati; married, equal, and two parts of a universal whole. The second explores Krishna and his relationship with Radha; intoxicated, forbidden, and reckless, embodying unconditional love. The two women explore together, only to realise that to find love in any form is to find fulfillment. 



Music composition: Sri DS Srivatsa

Lyrics: Arjun Bharadwaj

Choreography: Matangi Prasan



Music composition: Sri Binod Panda

Rhythm composition: Sri Dhaneshwar Swain

Choreogrpahy: Smt. Sahana Das and Meghna Das


Written and directed by Meghna Das