An M.A. in English literature from LSR, Delhi University and an M.Phil. from Bombay University, Smt. Sahana Das is a student of renowned Padmashree Awardee Guru Mayadhar Raut and has over 25 years of training in Odissi, and another 30 years of experience in choreography and direction. After completing her training in Odissi at the Jaganath temple in Delhi, she went on to introduce the style of Odissi at the Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society in Singapore, handling the first Odissi class in the city. There she trained several students, and directed many full-length productions including Neelachal – An Evening of Odissi, Chitrangada, and Tyaga Chinnam. Currently a senior professor at the Department of Communication Studies in Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, where she served as Head of Department and developed coursework and syllabus for the department, she has introduced a paper in Indian Art, which includes hosting an annual Jugalbandi Series at Mount Carmel College, opening students to the opportunity to watch and interact with accomplished classical artists from around the country. 


Meghna began her formal training in Odissi under her mother, and guru, Smt. Sahana Das at the Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society in Singapore. Today, Meghna continues to receive training, guidance, and original choreographies from her mother and guru, who is an intrinsic part of Meghna’s dance career. 


The brainchild of Smt. Protima Bedi, Nrityagram is a haven for the arts in Bangalore, India. The dance village is based in Hessarghatta where regular classes in Odissi are carried out in a residential program format. The school has also developed a unique teaching methodology that includes body conditioning, training in yoga, Kalari, and Natyashastra techniques, in a truly holistic lifestyle approach to training in the classical art form of Odissi. Under the artistic direction of Sangeet Natak Academy Award winner Smt. Surupa Sen, the ensemble has performed all over the world, and is most well known for their collaborative work with the Chitrasena Dance Company, Sri Lanka, titled “Samhara”.


Meghna joined the Nrityagram city classes in 2003 and trained under Pavithra Reddy, Bijayini Sathpathy, and Surupa Sen between classes in the city of Bangalore, and Nrityagram. During her time there as a student, she was able to perform at Vasanthahabba in 2004 in front of an audience of over 4000 people at the Nrityagram amphitheatre. In the recent past, Meghna has continues to attend their residential workshops, and conditioning workshops in the city.


A student of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, Guru Pavitra Kumar Pradhan, and Guru Smt. Aruna Mohanty, Madhulita Mohapatra is a Bangalore-based Odissi performer and teacher and the Artistic Director of the Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts. A recent Bismillah Khan Award winner, an A-grade Doordarshan artiste, and an empaneled artist under the ICCR, she has travelled across India and overseas to perform, teach, and conduct workshops. Her school is now a decade old, and she regularly choreographs original pieces for her ensemble, most recently, a full length show titled “Sathyam Prema Amaram”. 


Meghna joined the Nrityantar Dance Ensemble is 2012 and has been a student, faculty member, and ensemble member since. Under Madhulita, whom Meghna considers guru, guide, mentor, and voice of reason, she was able to perform at prestigious festivals, including the Mahari, Mukhteshwar, and Dhauli festivals. Meghna is also Assistant Artistic Director of Nrityantar and runs one branch of classes at her studio in Central Bangalore.